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I love drinking herbal teas and especially love drinking them during pregnancy.  I am bewildered by the fact that herbs are not used more for general health since they can be a phenomenal source of much-needed nutrients and when prepared as a tea, the bioavailability of those nutrients is wonderful.  I read a terrific article about this in a free newsletter and I will contact the author for permission to share it with you.  For now, I’ll share the recipe I use particularly during pregnancy.  I also like to serve this all winter to my family when there aren’t as many fresh fruits and veggies available.  I greatly prefer it to vitamin/mineral supplements!

Pregnancy Nourishment Tea (but not just for pregnancy!)
From The Natural Pregnancy Book:  Herbs, Nutrition and Other Holistic Choices  By Aviva Jill Romm 

2 parts red raspberry leaves
2 parts dried nettle
1 part dried oatstraw
1/2 part rose hips
1/2 part dried alfalfa
1/2 part red clover blossoms
1/4 – 1/2 part dried spearmint leaves
* A note on ‘parts’. Use any measurement you like (tablespoons, cups or ounces or grams), just be consistent throughout the recipe.

Combine in a nice big jar.  To prepare, use about a 1/4 cup or so of somewhat packed leaves (I stuff a large tea-ball full) to a teapot of boiled water (about a quart or so).  Steep for 20 mins to 2 hours.  Serve plain or with a little honey (or, gulp, sugar like me) and a squeeze of lemon if you like.  A great way to drink this tea in the summer is to prepare as above and then add an equal part of apple cider for a delicious, refreshing and highly-nutritious drink.  My kids love it!

I like to try to follow the suggestion to drink 1 cup a day in my first trimester, 2 cups a day in my second and three cups a day in my third.

Two of my favourite places to get herbs in Canada:
Judy’s Organic Herbs
Richters Herbs

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