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Math by Martinlu
Math, a photo by Martinlu on Flickr.

12 years…

7 children…

6 math curriculums…

…and I am the official winner of The Amazing Homeschool!!

Why? Because after all of this, one of my children has actually finished, in one school year, an entire math curriculum! We don’t have to feel guilty for not working on it for the summer and we don’t have to feel behind. This is a great day and much better than winning a million dollars at that other thing.

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There is a wealth of inspiration for sewing projects on the internet, including heaps of free patterns and tutorials.  Here are a few I have either tried or would like to try:

Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial:  I find bonnets to be the most practical little girl’s summer hat around.  They offer great sun protection for the face and several have a flap to protect the neck, too.

How to Make a Baby Romper from a T-Shirt:  If you liked my Austin Lee Rompers made from recycled tees, but aren’t able to purchase the pattern at this time, you might like to give this idea a try.  (Fishsticks designs does have a 20% off coupon through May 24th, though, if you use the coupon code “Michigan”.)

Ironing Board Cover:  This is something I really need to do.  Our old one is looking…old!

Baby Kimono:  An adorable little top that would be great for spring or summer.  It uses woven fabrics.

Summer Scarf:  Speaking of summer, this is a fabulous looking scarf that is actually for mama!

Super Hero Cape and Power Cuffs:  What an ingenious way to use an old t-shirt.  Boys and girls alike would love this.

Don’t Forget Memory Game:  This would be a wonderful gift for a young child and a very simple, beginner sewing project.  Made from beautiful fabrics (that use up little scraps), maybe even I would actually play it!

American Girl Doll Skirt:  A downloadable pattern that looks adorable.  This would fit most 18″ dolls, I’d guess.

Making a Boy’s Tie from a Man’s Tie:  Repurposing items into more usable items is all the rage these days on the internet.  This one would be perfect if you have a fancy event coming up soon or even if you just want to make a little boy’s tie because they are so darn cute!

The Go-To Dress Pattern:  This comes in sizes 12mo to 5 and is a very cute, practical summer knit dress for little girls.  You can use new fabric or an existing t-shirt.

Do you have any other favourite internet tutorials or free patterns that you have used or that you would like to try?  I’d love to hear about them!

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My final day of the challenge was actually very productive.  What a fun week this was!  As a mama to 7 children, I am not used to getting this much sewing done.  While it was very disappointing to have a special event we were looking forward to cancelled yesterday, it was consoling to have some great sewing projects to turn to.

Yesterday, I completed two pairs of Fancy Little Leggings, shortened up a bit to a summery length, in sizes 6 and 8 as well as co-ordinating Emmy Shirts.  They are very cute!  In fact, they are so cute that I took the girls’ picture before the sky brightened up and before they brushed their hair!  🙂

Thank you to all of you who have honoured me by visiting my blog this week.  It has been a pleasure to sew and to blog.

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I had limited time yesterday, but I am happy to report that I was able to sew up a Patrick Curved Raglan for my 7mo baby adding a hoodie, using Bonnie’s Hoodie tutorial.  I have been like a Fishsticks Designs advertisement this week, haven’t I?  I haven’t meant to!  I recently bought several of her patterns from a co-op, as well as helped to test a couple, and I really, really do love them.

The Patrick Curved Raglan with Hoodie, size 6-12mos.

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Saturday’s sewing pictures are to come in a short while.  I went to take the picture and my camera’s batteries needed charging!  By the time they are done, my model will be napping, so we’ll have to wait.

Meanwhile, I updated my blogroll, which had not been done in a long time.  Enjoy the links.

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Yesterday’s projects were summer pyjamas for my 7mo baby and 3yo boy.  I used Fishsticks Designs’ free tank pattern and the shorts from her Lazy Days Lounge Set.  I think these will be perfect for hot, summer nights.

I don’t know why 3yo boy always feels the need to tilt to pose for the camera!

I have a whirlwind next couple of days, so I am just crossing my fingers that I can get some time to sew.  I guess I’ll just have to stay up really late!

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I hope you aren’t getting bored of Austin Lee Rompers from recycled tees.  This is the last of the three I planned to make this week.  When I went to sew it up, I found I made a completely amateur mistake.  I couldn’t believe it, but I actually lined up the wrong edge of the back pattern piece on the fold!  Bizarre!  It wasn’t a horrible problem, but the romper does have a seam at the back, now.  Fortunately, knits are very forgiving, so the 1/2″ that I lost by seaming probably won’t be a big deal.

I’m waiting on some matching snaps, so again this doesn’t have snaps, yet.

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