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For those of you who attended one of my sessions at the OCHEC Conference this year — thank you very much!  Please find links to the handouts below.

(For those of you who didn’ t attend and are wondering if I am still expecting after a year and a half…No, I am not.  I have a nearly 18 month-old baby!  Yikes!  This blog needs some updating!)

Charlotte Mason – 20 Principles Handout

Taking Care of Ourselves as We Lay Down Our Lives Handout

ATTENTION Moms from the ‘Taking Care of Ourselves’ Session…One of you won a prize for the longest past your due date in a pregnancy, but I forgot to collect your information.  If you are that blessed lady, could you please leave a comment so I can e-mail you and get your information?  Or, if you happen to know this lady, would you kindly ask her to get in touch with me?

Thank-you everyone who attended.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you.

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