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I thought I’d take a minute to check in with my wonderful readers and share some weekend reading treats, posts that I have enjoyed over the last while:

Enjoy your weekend…and Spring Break if that is coming up for you.

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I thought you might enjoy a few of the blog posts I have enjoyed recently:

Keeper of the Home has a terrific post, Organization in the Real Food Kitchen:  Knowing and Using What’s In Your Freezer, that almost inspires me to organize my freezers!

We made these terrific breakfast bars, which can take the place of granola or cold cereal (not that granola is very hard to make!).  While the author of Large Family Mothering has 15 kids, I made her whole recipe which will feed our family for about 3-4 breakfasts.  I just cut up the bars and then froze them.  It is easy to take out what we need.

Well, I am stunned, but this Homemade All-Natural Deoderant from Passionate Homemaking actually works for me.  I have never tried a natural deoderant that works before, but I have been using this for several weeks with great success.  It is definitely worth a try.  I can’t speak to how it works in the summer, but until now all natural deoderants I’ve tried in the past have failed me even in the winter.

If you are into Digital Scrapbooking, you might enjoy this How-To Guide:  Printing Photobooks and Albums for Digital Scrapbookers from The Daily Digi.  If you aren’t into it, you should go and get inspired, anyway!

While I love every single post that Ann writes at A Holy Experience, I thought I’d share this one with you.  It is a post entitled, Words Worth a Tree:  Readings for Lent a booklist for Easter.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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