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Almost Time…

I know I haven’t posted in a very, very long time.  It used to be so easy to come up with inspiring things to say, but then it got harder!  I thought I’d give you an update about a couple of important aspects of our life, though.  First of all, we are expecting another baby!  I am due on November 7th, now officially less than 2 weeks away.  Steve and I have decided that this will be our last baby, so I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy.  I do really love being pregnant, so that isn’t too difficult.  As well, happily, I seem to get at least one bonus week, so I don’t expect to be giving birth until at least mid-November.

One day short of 38 weeks on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012.

We’ve had loads of wonderful blessings in our family this past year.  This baby will be the second new family member we welcome this year.  In July, our oldest daughter got married to our dear son-in-law.  The two of them are making their home at the time near the chef school where our son-in-law is attending.

I am taking this week off of our regular homeschooling routine to prepare for our new baby.  I have already sewn up a bunch of little, adorable newborn diapers, which I may post about later on.  Today, I will be assembling birth supplies and, hopefully, cleaning!

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Here he is — dirty, but loved dearly by so many.

  • Served dinner on the grass to make clean up easier
  • Self-feeding leftover spinach quiche
  • Pink bowl, even though he is a boy
  • Dirty onesie (from self-feeding strawberries)
  • Onesie snaps not done up to make it easier to change diapers/EC
  • Adorably happy and easy-going

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We did it.

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!  While a successful marriage is always something to celebrate, I think it is especially so when a couple starts ‘behind the game’ and is able to overcome some really big hurdles.  Two years ago, I posted a bit about starting off with less-than-ideal circumstances and the beautiful way that God uses those circumstances to help us die to ourselves to become more like him.  It is one of my favourite posts, entitled Against the Odds.

Last night, we had a yummy dinner with our children and then, after putting our baby to bed, headed out to a local restaurant for some adult time over chocolate fondue.  We do not take for granted the privileged position we are in having two capable teenagers who can look after our home and children to allow us time to reconnect.  It is just one of the great blessings of being married for 20 years.

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I go through spurts where I read blogs and spurts where I don’t.  I have been perusing a few blogs I enjoy lately and thought I’d share some particularly good posts with you.

I often find it very hard to humbly apologize to my husband and children.  The post, Half-Baked Apologies are Offensive at Marriage Works! was very helpful in outlining a great little formula for forming a meaningful apology.

Mary shares some Good Books for Boys on her blog, Owlhaven.

I have been meaning to make a Grocery Bag Holder for a very, very long time.  I’m hoping this tutorial at Craftiness is not Optional might spur me on.

Probably the best blog post on homeschooling I have ever read was written by Sherri at Large Family Mothering.  Entitled, Homeschooling Sanity, it was a refreshing dose of some real experience from a mom of many.  (Sherri has 15 children.)  She looked at several different styles of homeschooling and discussed what worked for her family and what didn’t.  Her post was very affirming to me as I have had many of the same experiences, though I have fewer than half the children she has!

Kimberly at Raising Olives makes a great case for why you might choose to take your younger family members along on errands, in spite of the inconvenience, in her post Choosing to Run Errands with Little Ones.

We’ve got a lovely weekend planned enjoying the third week of fresh strawberries from the Farmer’s Market, going on my regular date with my husband, sheep shearing at my parents’ farm and a having a bonfire with our Home Church on Sunday night.

Enjoy your weekends!

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Summer Sewing

We are winding down from homeschooling, so I have been able to get some more summer sewing done. 

I finished up some matching pyjamas.  One is for our baby and the other set is for my nephew’s first birthday on Saturday.  These match the set I made for my 3yo awhile ago.  These feature Fishsticks Designs free tank pattern.  (I made size 12m for our baby and size 18m for my nephew.)  The shorts are from Fishsticks Designs Lazy Days Lounge Set.

Action pic on our 8mo:

And, a super-geeky close-up of the cute ‘Handmade’ tags:

Today, I was able to whip up some summer nighties for three of our girls.  They went together very quickly, about 2-3 hours to make all three from start to finish, in an assembly-line fashion.  The smaller two are from the free tank pattern above, lengthened and flared a little.  The largest one is a lengthened and flared tank pattern from one of my favourite books, Easy Sewing for Children by Leila Albala.  I have used this book, as well as her book for babies over and over and over.  I sized down for all the girls from what they normally wear in ready-to-wear clothing.  The nighties are sizes 3T (normally wears size 5/6), size 5T (normally wears size 7/8) and size 8 (normally wears size 10).  All have plenty of room.  The bottom hems are a lettuce-edge rolled hem done on my serger.

More geeky-tag pictures:

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Math by Martinlu
Math, a photo by Martinlu on Flickr.

12 years…

7 children…

6 math curriculums…

…and I am the official winner of The Amazing Homeschool!!

Why? Because after all of this, one of my children has actually finished, in one school year, an entire math curriculum! We don’t have to feel guilty for not working on it for the summer and we don’t have to feel behind. This is a great day and much better than winning a million dollars at that other thing.

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My final day of the challenge was actually very productive.  What a fun week this was!  As a mama to 7 children, I am not used to getting this much sewing done.  While it was very disappointing to have a special event we were looking forward to cancelled yesterday, it was consoling to have some great sewing projects to turn to.

Yesterday, I completed two pairs of Fancy Little Leggings, shortened up a bit to a summery length, in sizes 6 and 8 as well as co-ordinating Emmy Shirts.  They are very cute!  In fact, they are so cute that I took the girls’ picture before the sky brightened up and before they brushed their hair!  🙂

Thank you to all of you who have honoured me by visiting my blog this week.  It has been a pleasure to sew and to blog.

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