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My final day of the challenge was actually very productive.  What a fun week this was!  As a mama to 7 children, I am not used to getting this much sewing done.  While it was very disappointing to have a special event we were looking forward to cancelled yesterday, it was consoling to have some great sewing projects to turn to.

Yesterday, I completed two pairs of Fancy Little Leggings, shortened up a bit to a summery length, in sizes 6 and 8 as well as co-ordinating Emmy Shirts.  They are very cute!  In fact, they are so cute that I took the girls’ picture before the sky brightened up and before they brushed their hair!  🙂

Thank you to all of you who have honoured me by visiting my blog this week.  It has been a pleasure to sew and to blog.

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I had limited time yesterday, but I am happy to report that I was able to sew up a Patrick Curved Raglan for my 7mo baby adding a hoodie, using Bonnie’s Hoodie tutorial.  I have been like a Fishsticks Designs advertisement this week, haven’t I?  I haven’t meant to!  I recently bought several of her patterns from a co-op, as well as helped to test a couple, and I really, really do love them.

The Patrick Curved Raglan with Hoodie, size 6-12mos.

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Yesterday’s projects were summer pyjamas for my 7mo baby and 3yo boy.  I used Fishsticks Designs’ free tank pattern and the shorts from her Lazy Days Lounge Set.  I think these will be perfect for hot, summer nights.

I don’t know why 3yo boy always feels the need to tilt to pose for the camera!

I have a whirlwind next couple of days, so I am just crossing my fingers that I can get some time to sew.  I guess I’ll just have to stay up really late!

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I hope you aren’t getting bored of Austin Lee Rompers from recycled tees.  This is the last of the three I planned to make this week.  When I went to sew it up, I found I made a completely amateur mistake.  I couldn’t believe it, but I actually lined up the wrong edge of the back pattern piece on the fold!  Bizarre!  It wasn’t a horrible problem, but the romper does have a seam at the back, now.  Fortunately, knits are very forgiving, so the 1/2″ that I lost by seaming probably won’t be a big deal.

I’m waiting on some matching snaps, so again this doesn’t have snaps, yet.

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Whoops!  It looks like I forgot to hit publish on this post, yesterday!

A lot of what I did yesterday is not photographed.  I ripped out a bunch of sewing on a t-shirt I made for 7mo baby that looked like it had been sewn by a grade-school Home Ec student sewing for the first time!  I also took awhile to prepare two thrifted tees for sewing.

I didn’t want to end up with nothing to show, though, so I did make up the second of the Austin Lee Rompers for 7mo baby from another thrift store tee.  As with the first one, I used the neck binding, which I think is what makes it look so good.  When the colour matches exactly, it looks so professional.

The Grumpy Romper (without snaps, yet):

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In addition to finishing up the last bonnet for one of my girls yesterday (pic already posted), I made the first of three Austin Lee Rompers for my 7mo baby last night. The only thing missing at this point are the snaps. I made the 12mo size and used a recycled adult men’s tee from a thrift store. I was even thrifty enough to painstakingly take out the ribbed trim so I could have perfectly matching trim. I also cut the sleeve right on the sleeve edge (overlapped by an inch) so that I could take advantage of the hem that was already finished.

If I get the snaps put in later on today, I’ll try to take an action picture. My plan is that these little outfits will be our go-to wardrobe items for our baby this summer.

And the action pictures:

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Yesterday was the first day of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, a challenge to sew at least an hour a day for children.  I had a productive couple of hours.  I worked on three Beautiful Bonnets.  One just needed a snap and to have the chin strap shortened, one was cut out and one was not started.  Last night, I finished up the snap/chin strap on bonnet one (the Dr. Seuss one), completed the one that hadn’t been started and started sewing the one that was cut out.

Thanks to 7mo baby, I managed to get a half hour of today’s challenge sewing done this morning.  (He wanted to encourage me to get things underway by waking at 5:25am.)  I finished up the final bonnet and snapped some pics!

These are all the Extra Large size.  The Dr. Seuss bonnet has a chin strap with snap and the others have ties made of the main fabric.  (I used my 1″ bias tape maker to make them.)

Main Fabric:

Reverse Sides:

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